DC has a long history of being the gathering place for people around the world. Here, connections are made through an exchange of cultural traditions, art, and inspiring ideas. As an international city with a small-town feel, we look forward to welcoming WorldPride attendees with the hospitality that we’re known for.

There is plenty to do and see in Washington, DC and much of it is free! We believe that with so much to do here, most participants will stay for the entire week. This will have a positive impact on attendance at events such as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Human Rights Conference, Pride Honors, Pride Parade, Pride Festival and Concert, and the overall camaraderie of partner events that will be at the heart of the WorldPride experience.

DC is much more than politics, history museums, and monuments. The District has a thriving nightlife and food scene that caters to individuals from every walk of life. There are options for going out across the entire spectrum, from dance clubs with drag shows to food trucks, from elegant rooftop cocktail lounges to underground dive bars with karaoke. Importantly, DC has one of the highest concentrations of LGBTQ+ establishments globally, including safe spaces tailored to our TGNC and BIPOIC communities.

Bars and Restaurants

Here’s a sample of LGBTQ+ owned and/or operated bars and restaurants.

Adam’s Morgan Area
Capital Hill
Downtown Area
  • Avalon Saturdays at Soundcheck (Dance Club)
  • Green Lantern (Bar & Dancing)
Dupont Circle Area
Logan Circle Area
U Street Area
  • Town 2.0 (Under Construction), Future Dance Club
  • Wunder Garten, Bar
Shaw Area
  • Dacha Beer Garden, Bar